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Reimagining operations

Insights from PwC’s Global Operations Survey

Our Global Operations Survey shows that leading companies are reimagining operations. They are aligning costs more effectively with business strategy and working across functional lines to build experiences for their customers that are hard to copy. These companies are more confident about their future prospects, too. It's an exciting time for operations leaders, who can drive their companies' destiny like never before.

Key themes from the survey

What are top operations challenges?

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How do executives view operations and its purpose?

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What does the new operations look like? Is there a model for it?

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What’s PwC’s view on the future of operations and what questions should you consider?

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“My instinct is that there’s going to be a big pivot where operationally, we think about running our business by client journey and begin to organise ourselves against them.”

Scott Tanguay

Head of Operations for the Global Consumer Bank at Citi

What does this mean for you?

Explore The Global Operations Survey findings by industry for a snapshot of what industry operations leaders are saying about their challenges.

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Questions to consider

  • 1

    What makes your company different?

    Which capabilities will define your company in the eyes of your customers?

  • 2

    Are you offering the right things?

    Are your existing products and services coherent with your strategic plan?

    Are you getting distracted by legacy offerings that no longer fit?

  • 3

    Are you doing the right things?

    And sometimes hardest of all: what will you stop doing to support investment in what really matters?

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